Saturday, 21 January 2012

M451 Firestorm E

I like guns, who wouldn't right? I also am a big Mass Effect fan, I stumbled across a concept for a flamethrower type piece online via Brian Sum . I wanted to put my own take on it as an electrical gun of sorts and to focus on small pieces of work that I could turn around quicker rather than getting sucked into things that take alot of time to get to standards required.

This was an early shot of what I had in mind.

I wasn't happy with the yukky background and after some solid feedback from colleagues regarding the pelican case a few things changed. Firstly very rough background geometry bashed together to add further depth and exit to image, at this stage I also am playing with different grades and image effects in Photoshop. Modular piece bashed together after work.

I wanted to have some macro shots in the final presentation so commenced playing around with the camera in max to highlight various parts of the gun that I felt could work, also positioning lights to compliment the few curved surfaces on the gun.

Then onto renders, post and presentation of the gun taking some inspiration from my 'Art of District 9' book flown all the way over from New Zealand as Amazon had run out . High Res Here

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