Saturday, 21 January 2012

The beginnings of something new.

I am planning on working on something that will span probably up to 18-24 months, I'm not going to go into what it is right now and will involve me learning a shed load of new stuff (WIN!!) to get what I want done, I've always got ideas, and this time want to carry it off into a large personal project, It will involve vehicles, of all sorts, large and small environments, simple, clever animations ( I'm no good at animating ) and generally will make the most of what I feel I can do well ( play to your strengths! ), oh and lots of After Effects work, here's a craft I am working up at present, I wanted to some some rough renders and post to see how much detail I should go into in the fast moving shots. Also couldn't resist playing around with some various materials for a little teaser to the final ship. All placeholder materials for tests, during the coming months I'll hopefully have designed various grades for differing moods for the final idea. I'll keep you posted. Inspired by a side sketch in Scott Robertson's 'Lift Off' book.

The name Aquila Audax comes from a black feathered bird of prey by the way, a little insight into where this may go.


  1. Really wonderful stuff mate. I was really impressed with what you could do 3 years ago.... You have been busy since! Amazing work, very stylish. Will be looking forward to your updates on here. Ps the church of light is such a great piece of architecture, great choice!

    1. Thankyou Jake, all this blogging malarky is totally alien to me, but will be great to keep an eye on what everyone including yourself develop in the future.

  2. good to finally see you in orbit around the blogosphere - great work, but you knew that already!

  3. Fantastic art Nathan - really great to see your work again :)