Sunday, 12 February 2012

Small update, shaders work in progress.

I've spent the week playing around with parts of the first ship again, as I generally do when starting shading and textures etc, its never a straight forward model then next phase thing to me, more of a collaborative approach in adding or taking away details as I work on shaders, and generally deforming surfaces so certain shaders react better to both light and reflections.
Still playing about with gamma correction in post too and trying to find the sweet spot, Gamma 2.2 is always a little to washed out but gives you a good 'flat' bench to start working with in getting contrast and polished blacks back, whilst still maintaining crisp white highlights. I'm also considering all cockpits are illuminated in a Tron'esk style, to make sure details and silhouettes are always visible. So she is almost there which gives me a good solid asset to start throwing into various environments and testing motion shots with.

See you next week with finished interior and hopefully some environment block outs.