Sunday, 8 April 2012

Enviro's are a go, floating ships need cranes.

So, a little later than planned due to other commitments ( secured awesome new job!!! hells ye ), I've been putting together the first feeler for the general interior spaces, lighting and materials that hopefully are starting to work well together, and the inevitable problem of craft transport within these spaces, I toyed with a few different concepts, everything from mechanical arms, small tracked bots under the hull and so on, but felt it was all going a little crazy and toned it straight back to a conventional crane rig ( more believable and pushed the paddock/garage feel I wanted for this area ), a front jack like rig is on the cards too, anyways, I should be back on top of this now, tie up all the loose ends for this scene, time line the lighting boot up sequence and get a sweet spot quality vs speed for animation purposes ( the scene with basically be something similar to this, then onto a new craft and wind tunnel test area for these ( whilst getting to grip's with fluid dynamics more so for smoke effects flowing over hull ). Cheers.

Blockout, charge point seen at  top of the shot.

Crane test with charge points at the rear.